Ecommerce Emails: Building, Writing and Creating Effective Campaigns

Every email you send a customer is an opportunity to make more leads for your business. Such a powerful and influential tool should be given the time and attention it deserves!

Reas Marketing has provided inbound marketing services to a variety of ecommerce companies selling appliances, technology, home furniture, vitamins, and more. From all this experience, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips and tricks any ecommerce business can use to increase sales.

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Upsell Every Opportunity!
You’d be surprised how often an email can
remind a customer to make another purchase.


Even if you think you have your audience
completely figured out, A/B testing still holds
significant value in gaining as many leads as


We suggest using pre-designed templates
to ensure all your emails look uniform. Don’t
worry, even templates can be customized to suit
your needs.

Make sure you fully strategize, review, and critique every aspect of your emails before
syncing them to your marketing automation platform. Your efforts could transform
mundane messages into the most effective lead generation gadgets in your marketing